12 ideas you can steal from SaaS founders making $1k/day

Insights From Over 500 SaaS Founders On How They Hit $30k MRR

In less than an hour you’ll learn:

Fastest ways to add $30k in new ARR this month

Growth isn’t easy. Your first 100 customers are tough; $1m in revenue even tougher.

Isn’t it smarter to copy what works instead of spending your own money trying to discover something new?

Slice a few years off your learning curve and hit $30k MRR faster by copying what these founders did:

  • Want to increase your G2 ranking? His secret email copy generated 1,000+ glowing reviews… and helped close hundreds of new customers 
  • 20k site visits from one blog post. SaaS founder doubles down on content marketing and still hasn’t spent a dollar on ads. Find out how it only took him 12 months to break $23k MRR 
  • Hit $1m revenue fast. Copy this SaaS founder and leverage affiliates to sell for you. He’s sharing the 3 key terms you need to negotiate 

Smart ways to keep costs low and increase profits

Easy way to be more profitable? Don’t waste money where you don’t need to.

Smart ways to save $$$ and not end up with cheap results:

  • Don’t get ripped off: build your MVP for under $10k. We share a  list of 9 dev shops top SaaS founders trust (and use again and again) in this webinar.
  • $1.8m ARR, only 13 FTEs. Get the Google Doc script they used to get Fiverr and Upwork $10/hour talent doing $200k/yr FTE work.
  • Low cost/high performance: this craigslist job hiring template drove $2m in new ARR by getting “lower cost” talent to perform at profitable levels.

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