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Founderpath Acquires Event Company SaaSOpen, Tickets Sell Out in 43 Minutes

Founderpath is announcing today that we’ve acquired event company SaaSOpen and plan to invest heavily to continue strengthening its position as the premier SaaS event for 1,000+ SaaS leaders each spring in NYC.

Founderpath $145m

Founderpath Raises $145m to Provide Non-Dilutive Financing to Bootstrapped SaaS Founders

Austin, Texas, August 9th – Founderpath, the platform 6,500 bootstrapped B2B SaaS founders use to get capital, announced $145m in debt and equity funding to continue helping more B2B SaaS founders hit $10m in revenue without selling equity. TechCrunch coverage here: Founderpath wants to help you grow with Founder Friendly debt financing Founderpath chose to […]

Founderpath Stripe App Available Now: Request Capital with One Click

We began working with Stripe back in December to build the Founderpath Stripe App so bootstrapped SaaS founders could get access to Founderpath’s functionality directly inside of their Stripe account. 

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SaaS Valuation Guide, Tips & Best Practices

Before you can sell your SaaS, you need to know what it’s worth. But how exactly do you value a SaaS startup? Here, we’ll explore a common approach to calculating the value of a SaaS business and discuss the various factors involved. At FounderPath, we understand the importance of valuing and growing your SaaS. After […]

SaaS Funding Options that You Can Access

Getting SaaS funding is a nerve-wracking process for any SaaS founder. According to a recent report by the Silicon Valley Bank, $90 billion has been invested in SaaS startups in 2021 in the US alone. This is almost three times higher than in 2020 when the total investment was around $35 billion.  If you’re a […]

Unsecured Business Startup Loans: What Are the Best Options?

According to CB Insights, the number one reason why startups fail is being unable to secure funding. At Founderpath, our goal is to help startups secure the funding they need to get off the ground and succeed.  If you’re a startup business owner looking for funding, you’ve come to the right place.  Several unsecured funding […]

Gathering your Options for Early-Stage Startup Funding

According to a 2019 study by Startup Genome, 90% of startups fail, and one of the most prevalent reasons is a lack of capital.  Even if your startup has made it through the first year, thanks to a successful round of funding, you’re still in the early stages of the business and will likely need […]