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Founderpath Acquires Event Company SaaSOpen, Tickets Sell Out in 43 Minutes

Founderpath is announcing today that we’ve acquired event company SaaSOpen and plan to invest heavily to continue strengthening its position as the premier SaaS event for 1,000+ SaaS leaders each spring in NYC.

Founderpath $145m

Founderpath Raises $145m to Provide Non-Dilutive Financing to Bootstrapped SaaS Founders

Austin, Texas, August 9th – Founderpath, the platform 6,500 bootstrapped B2B SaaS founders use to get capital, announced $145m in debt and equity funding to continue helping more B2B SaaS founders hit $10m in revenue without selling equity. TechCrunch coverage here: Founderpath wants to help you grow with Founder Friendly debt financing Founderpath chose to […]

Founderpath Stripe App Available Now: Request Capital with One Click

We began working with Stripe back in December to build the Founderpath Stripe App so bootstrapped SaaS founders could get access to Founderpath’s functionality directly inside of their Stripe account. 

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How to Develop Your SaaS Sales Strategy

To build a successful SaaS business, developing a comprehensive sales strategy is essential.  Selling SaaS requires a unique sales approach that convinces customers to commit – and stay loyal – to your product, especially considering the time required to integrate SaaS solutions into business systems and processes. By implementing an effective SaaS sales strategy you […]

B2B SaaS Marketing Strategy & Best Practices to Apply

Marketing a B2B SaaS product is hard. Many of the rules and tricks used to sell physical products can’t be easily translated into a B2B marketing strategy.  Despite this hurdle, the SaaS industry is rapidly growing. This sector is expected to break $147bn in market size by 2026.  How do you approach B2B SaaS marketing? […]

Top B2B SaaS KPIs & Metrics to Track

How do you measure the performance of your SaaS business? What benchmarks do you use to see whether you’re on the right track?  Many SaaS founders struggle to track the success of their products. Data availability isn’t the problem, as product analytics platforms are capable of measuring just almost anything. The secret lies in selecting […]

Creating a Foolproof SaaS Business Plan w/ Examples

Did you know that having a business plan creates a 30% greater chance of growth? A strong business plan is the foundation of success for businesses. But if you have a SaaS, a business plan is even more crucial to attract potential investors that you’ll need for growth.  Here at FounderPath, we know the importance […]

12 ideas you can steal from SaaS founders making $1k/day

Insights From Over 500 SaaS Founders On How They Hit $30k MRR In less than an hour you’ll learn: Fastest ways to add $30k in new ARR this month Growth isn’t easy. Your first 100 customers are tough; $1m in revenue even tougher. Isn’t it smarter to copy what works instead of spending your own […]