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Advice for SaaS founders heading into 2023

2022 brought significant challenges – from rising interest rates to political turmoil and significant market contractions.

SaaS was not immune. Valuations continue to decline significantly, leaving the venture capital market sidelined for now.

Though the impact to Bootstrapped SaaS companies has been less noticeable. Focusing on capital efficiency puts them in a strong, albeit not guaranteed, position.

Expect more uncertainty in 2023. Founders should operate as though capital markets will remain closed and there will be a reduction in demand for software.

Maximize your company’s ability to survive by avoiding these mistakes as you finish 2023 planning.

Founderpath Acquires Event Company SaaSOpen, Tickets Sell Out in 43 Minutes

Founderpath is announcing today that we’ve acquired event company SaaSOpen and plan to invest heavily to continue strengthening its position as the premier SaaS event for 1,000+ SaaS leaders each spring in NYC.

Founderpath $145m

Founderpath Raises $145m to Provide Non-Dilutive Financing to Bootstrapped SaaS Founders

Austin, Texas, August 9th – Founderpath, the platform 6,500 bootstrapped B2B SaaS founders use to get capital, announced $145m in debt and equity funding to continue helping more B2B SaaS founders hit $10m in revenue without selling equity. TechCrunch coverage here: Founderpath wants to help you grow with Founder Friendly debt financing Founderpath chose to […]

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SaaS Agreements: Everything You Need to Know and How to Create a SaaS Agreement (2023)

A SaaS agreement is an essential business document which includes the terms and conditions of your service. It outlines your unique offerings, rights, responsibilities, and obligations to your clients and customers, and vice-versa. It essentially formalizes the relationship between you and your userbase. However, since it serves multiple purposes, the information required can get confusing. […]

Pricing Page Examples For Upgrading Your SaaS Business

For SaaS companies, it’s essential to have an appealing website in order to attract customers, and one of the most important aspects is their pricing page. It can make or break sales depending on how it’s designed — everyone wants to feel secure in their purchase, and a pricing page can reassure or discourage customers.  […]

The Ultimate Guide To SaaS Accounting

The SaaS industry is currently on track to top $168 billion in annual revenue within the next two years. That’s a huge market for entrepreneurs and startups to capitalize on. It also comes with a unique set of challenges, though—especially in the realm of accounting. At FounderPath, we believe funding, accounting, and financial insights should […]

Founderpath is Tekpon’s Best FinTech Software for 2022!

2022 was a big year for Founderpath – we deployed $95m+ to Bootstrapped and capital efficient SaaS founders to help them grow without taking equity. Thrilled to be named Tekpon’s best FinTech Software for 2022! Tekpon is a software marketplace designed to end software waste by helping companies choose the best tools for their needs. […]