Henry Schuck, CEO ZoomInfo

The Capital Efficient Founder: Secondaries, Debt Driven Takeovers, IPO Pop

During FounderConf 2022 Henry Schuck CEO of ZoomInfo shared details of how he used different capital products to help grow ZoomInfo to its 33B market cap.


  • 3:46 ZoomInfo Strategy and Revenue Growth
  • 4:03 $25k in Debt, Law school dorm, 25 yo
  • 13:50 $1.5B Valuation
  • 13:58 How to Structure a Secondary
  • 17:26 Pre IPO: Key Metrics
  • 18:25 ZoomInfo Acquisition $700m+
  • 22:54 Post IPO: Key Metrics
  • 29:34 IPO Pop to $13B Day 1 Trading
  • 31:21 $33 Billion Market Cap (3/6/2022)



Connect with Henry

Twitter: @henrylschuck

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/hschuck/

About Zoom Info

Supporting the go-to-market operations of 25,000+ customers worldwide with the world’s deepest, most accurate platform of software, data, and insights. We’re changing the way every company goes to market, the way sales reps engage with buyers, the way marketing targets, the way HR recruits – it’s changing everyday and we’re a driving force of that change.

Website: zoominfo.com

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