Top 9 resources for Bootstrapped SaaS founders in 2023

Use these resources from SaaS founders with $1m-$10m+ in revenue in your 2023 planning.

1. We call 30k cold leads per month and land 5% as customers. Here’s the playbook.

If you’re looking to scale an outbound sales process, Andrew Cvijovic, founder of Referrizer, teaches a masterclass in doing it efficiently and effectively.

In 20 minutes, You’ll learn:

  • Playbook for generating 100 demos per day, $330K in MRR using 100% Commission based outbound sales process
  • How they hire quality sales reps, but control costs ($0 base)
  • How to track, report and maximize sales process

Plus the exact copy Andre uses to hire rockstar sales reps.

Click here for the playbook.

2. How we used System-Driven Word of Mouth to Break $30m Revenue

In two years, vFairs went from $1.7m in revenue to over $30m. Their secret?

A killer system to drive word of mouth referrals.

Muhammad Younas, CEO of vFairs breaks down exactly how they did it, 100% bootstrapped. Get the inside story of how they:

  • Optimized their inbound funnel
  • Scaled repeatable success
  • Created a “reference squad”

Plus, the exact email copy they used to get over 1,000 reviews on G2.

Click here for the playbook.

3. How to build an A+ team to drive 700% growth on a shoestring budget

Hiring is one of the hardest parts of running a SaaS company.

Steve Pockross, CEO at Verblio has it down to a science. Lucky for us, he shared his framework for hiring A+ talent on a D- budget.

In just 20 minutes, he covers:

  • Keys to recruiting our first 10 writers (3k today)
  • How we scaled an A+ team of 40 FTE with a low budget
  • The CEO’s key role in every phase of the process

Click here for the playbook.

4. How I bootstrapped to $20m in 5 years (and 3 growth channels I used to hit first 100 customers)

Cody McLain, Founder of SupportNinja, shares his insights from serving 100+ startups:

  • The power of tacit knowledge
  • Easy to update process automation tools
  • Smart founders outsource more than just customer support

Click here for the playbook.

5. 4 Capital Allocation Mistakes Smart SaaS Founders Avoid

We’re big on learning from mistakes. We’ve seen (and made) quite a few ourselves.

Our head of Finance, Kevin Houston, shares the top 4 capital allocation mistakes SaaS founders make, and what you can do instead.

In 20 minutes you’ll learn:

  • The hidden costs of overusing multi-year contracts
  • Why Net working capital is actually better than cash
  • How to use multiple sources of capital to build your balance sheet

Click here for the playbook.

6. The Tenfold Turnaround Story: From $5m ARR, Flat, Burning $1m per Month to 100% YoY Growth

Jeff Cotten, CEO of Tenfold, shares insights from their journey to an exit:

  • Deadly burn: silly reasons we were burning $1m/mo
  • How we added $50k+ enterprise deals during COVID
  • Key metrics the buyer cared about when we exited

Click here for the playbook.

7. How I hit $5m ARR, kept control using 3 different debt providers

Steve Benson, Founder and CEO of Badger Maps, shares:

  • Why they Took $2.25m from Founderpath over 6 loans
  • What to watch out for on penalties and fees (prepayment, draw fee)
  • getting Real about your life as a Founder

Click here for the playbook.

8. The Simple PR Template We Used to Bootstrap to $1m in ARR

Ben Gabler, CEO and founder of Rocket.Net, bootstrapped to $1m in ARR – with $0 in marketing spend.

In 20 minutes, you’ll learn how they did it:

  • Playbook for building your MVP in 72 days for less than $30k
  • Why domain names matter (their $50k bet)
  • Formula for landing your first 100 customers

Click here for the playbook.

9. $1 Trial Map: How we used a $1 Guarantee to Break $75k MRR, Instant CAC Payback

Travis Chappell, CEO and Founder of Guestio, shares:

  • $1 offer structure you should copy
  • 3 upsells we used to increase AOV to $100
  • Importance of instant CAC payback

Click here for the playbook.

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