Founderpath Stripe App Available Now: Request Capital with One Click

We began working with Stripe back in December to build the Founderpath Stripe App so bootstrapped SaaS founders could get access to Founderpath’s functionality directly inside of their Stripe account. 

Stripe is beta launching Stripe Apps and the new Stripe App Marketplace today and we’re thrilled to be a part of the initial set of companies selected to participate. 

We’ve long admired the tools Stripe has built and their focus on increasing the GDP of the internet. We launched Founderpath because we believe that one day, everyone will have a side project. Everyone will be a founder. You will be a founder because you found a customer segment you love, and you enjoy the freedom of controlling your time. 

As your side project grows into a business, you may want capital. You don’t like the idea of giving up equity to a VC, you don’t want to have to deal with board meetings, and you don’t believe in the high-stress idea of “scaling at all costs”.

We built the Founderpath Stripe App for you. Get capital overnight without giving up equity. 

You can install the app here and instantly see how much capital you have available. 


As you add new subscription customers, you’ll be able to take more capital from the Founderpath Stripe App. 

Step 1: Turn your MRR into upfront capital:

Decide how much capital you want by selecting customers. If you do $65,000 in monthly recurring revenue, you’ll be able to access 4x that or $260,000. Take as much or as little as you need. 

Step 2: Review your deal terms:

Depending on how much revenue you have and how stick your customers are, we’ll make you an offer. The key deal terms are: How long you have to payback the capital, what discount rate are you getting. The best founders will have 48 months to payback and discount rates as low as 7%. 

Step 3: Track how much capital you’ve taken, and how much you have left

As you add customers, you’ll unlock more capital. We update capital “Available Today” every night – directly inside your Stripe dashboard – so you always know how much capital you have left.

Click here to get a visit the Founderpath App in the Stripe App Marketplace. 


Stripe Apps are useful to founders in several ways:

  • Reduce busywork: Stop manually reconciling accounts and jumping between tabs. Take action right in Stripe or Founderpath—quick capital for bootstrapped founders—so you can focus on business growth, not busywork.
  • Share context across tools: Our app tells you how much capital you have available inside of your Stripe account so you’re never left wondering. 
  • Simplify or automate repetitive tasks: Become more efficient by simplifying common workflows. For instance, take capital every month to fund a new hire, ad spend, or any other investment – all with the click of a button. 


Founderpath was launched in 2020 as an alternative to VC’s and banks for Bootstrapped SaaS founders. We wire money in as little as 24 hours, take no equity, and charge no legal fee’s. Founderpath is building a community of SaaS founders, providing them with powerful free tools, and enabling them to quickly access capital. As of May 2022, 125 SaaS founders have taken $50m in capital and kept 100% equity.

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